Each month, the members and guests attending our meetings are asked to bring a donation for the YWCA Harmony House, that the board of directors has designated with a specific material item (or category) that is needed. Some past donations include diapers, hair care items, dental supplies, health and beauty aids, and cleaning supplies. These donations are taken directly to Harmony House, where they are utilized by the residents. The YWCA and the Harmony House residents are very grateful for the items that are donated by our generous members and guests!

WOULD YOU LIKE TO DONATE  "ITEM OF THE MONTH" ITEMS BUT WILL NOT BE ATTENDING THE MEETING.. NO WORRIES - Just email Mair and we will arrange to pick up your items and bring them to the meeting for you.  Thanks for your support! 

The monthly donation for Harmony House is new or gently used purses. You might like to put in a few small items like tissues, chap stick or even mints. We are also collecting items the children can give their mothers for Mother’s Day. Lipsticks, perfumes, makeup, jewelry, or small trinkets would be wonderful gifts the children can give their Moms. All of the women at Harmony House will be appreciative of the gifts they receive.