The Purpose of the WWC is to promote and encourage local community participation in an organization established for educational, charitable and social purposes. The Objectives of the WWC are:

(a)  Provide, promote and encourage goodwill within the western communities of Palm Beach County and the State of Florida.

(b)  Provide educational programs and important information to the membership of the WWC.

(c)  Promote and undertake humanitarian and charitable projects within the County of Palm Beach.  Encourage and support continuing education through the WWC’s funding of scholarship programs.

Club membership of WWC shall be composed of residents of the Western Communities of the County of Palm Beach in the State of Florida. The membership year shall begin at the September meeting and end at the June meeting.
The WWC is nonpartisan and nonsectarian, and sponsors no legislative activities The WWC shall not be political in nature, nor involved in carrying on propaganda or lobbying for legislative action.  The WWC shall not participate or intervene in any political campaign on behalf of any candidate for public office, including the publishing or distribution of political statements or literature.  Community activities and concerns may be provided to the membership strictly for informational purposes and awareness of current events which may affect the Western Communities.